History of the Mission

Missione dell’Annunziata came to be under the initiative of the Scalabrinians Missionaries*. The pionneers priests were Father Benvenuto Fugazzi and Tarcisio Bagattin. In 1963, they celebrated the first Holy mass in Italian in the sacristy of «Saints Anges» Church in Lachine. Subsequently Mass was celebrated in a firehouse located at 658 3rd avenue. This firehouse donated to the Italian community by the city of Lachine was then renovated and transformed into a small church.

In the summer of 1963, Father Bagatin traveled to Italy and brought back from the town of Loreto a statue of the «Madonna di Loreto» to which the Mission was to be dedicated. After the statue was installed in the new church on August 15th the first Italian Mass was celebrated.


The Mission was officially incorporated under the name Mission catholique italienne de l’Annunziata in 1965 with Father Giuseppe De Rossi as the priest in charge. The daycare center «Santa Casa» was started in 1963 and registered under the corporation of the Mission in 1965.

Over the years several priests served at Missione dell’Annunziata. To be remembered in particular are Father Giuseppe De Rossi deceased in 2007, Father Giovanni Farina who deceased at the young age of 43, and Father Giuseppe Duchini who retired in 2009. With the death of Father De Rossi, the Scalabrinians in agreement with Cardinal Jean-Claude Turcotte created a pastoral unit by joining the two Missions Madre dei Cristiani of LaSalle and Missione dell’Annunziata of Lachine. Each Mission maintains and remains distinct in all legal aspects even if one sole priest administrator was assigned for both missions. Missione Madre dei Cristiani is responsible for the pastoral care of the Italians of Ville LaSalle, while Missione dell’Annunziata is responsible for the pastoral care of Lachine and the West Island.

In the year 2008, Cardinal Turcotte assigned to the priests of the Missions the pastoral care of all the Spanish speaking communities of Verdun, LaSalle, Lachine and Dorval.

The responsible priests are : Father Joseph Fugolo, Scalabrinian, priest in charge of the 2 Missions; Father Marco Limodio; Father Jairo Alfonso Avila, vicar working for both the Italian community of Madre dei Cristiani and the Hispanic or Latin community.

The parishioners of the two Missions may address anyone of these three pastors.

* The Congregation of the Missionaries of St Charles Borromeo or the Scalabrinians is an international community of priests and brothers founded in Piacenza, Italy, in 1887 by the Blessed Giovanni Battista Scalabrini.